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Monthly Journal – January, 2017

January was an unseasonably warm month.  Lots of bird activity with many of the usual suspects and one unexpected rare appearance by a Wilson’s Warbler (see our recent January 14 post).  In addition to the photos below we had visits from a Great Blue Heron and a Red-tailed Hawk.  The Northern Flickers in the photo below were engaged in a territorial fencing display, which we have seen one other time.

Small Post, Big News

Wilson's Warbler - Cardellina pusilla - Peachtree Park, Atlanta, GA - January 10, 2017

Wilson’s Warbler – Cardellina pusilla

On Tuesday afternoon this week a very small bright yellow bird showed up and was foraging for insects on and near our deck.  We grabbed a camera just in case he was somebody cool; turns out, he was indeed very cool.  The bird is a Wilson’s Warbler and is a migrant rarely seen in Georgia.  The sighting is even more unusual because this little bird should have been in his Central American winter home a couple of months ago.

Unsure of ourselves, we asked our trusted bird-savvy friends to confirm the ID.  On Thursday we posted a note on UGA’s Ornithological list-serve announcing our find.  On Friday, Atlanta Audubon sent a very knowledgeable person over to see if he could see the bird – and he did!

This is just one of many reasons why urban neighborhoods like ours are so important.  This migrant lost his way or his timing and has been able to survive here in spite of the cold. Probably because food, water and shelter are all available.  We’re still on the lookout hoping to catch another glimpse.

References and Additional Information

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