Birds in Peachtree Park

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron – on the roof

Until we started paying attention, we didn’t realize just how many birds there were in our urban neighborhood.

We’re not birders and often need help figuring out who some of the ones we see and hear are.  But after a while, we’ve learned to get better at identification.  Not just by sight, but by sound as well.  And doing things to make our yard more attractive and safe has increased the number and variety of birds that appear.

Year-round Residents

Some are with us all year.


Some are just stopping off for a while.

And some never slow down on their way to somewhere else, but we know by their calls they are overhead and on the way.

Sandhill Crane

Migrating Sandhill Cranes flying over Peachtree Park on the way south

Nighttime Birds

Some birds are up during the night. Owls hunt and call while Northern Mockingbirds and whip-poor-wills sing during the night.

Owls of course are up all night hunting and calling to each other.  There are at least 3 different owls living in Peachtree Park: the Barred, Eastern Screech and Great Horned owls are frequently seen and heard in different parts of the neighborhood.  Many nights we hear The Barred Owls calling to each other, and it is a wonderful sound.

Northern Mockingbirds will sometimes sing at night, especially if there is a full moon.  Whip-poor-wills also call at night and they are in Georgia in the summer months, although none have been reported in Peachtree Park.

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