Wildlife Friendly Habitat

Habitat in Peachtree Park

PP Aug 2015

Google Earth image of Peachtree Park in August, 2015 (click for larger image)

Urban neighborhoods like Peachtree Park provide a much needed refuge for wildlife.  We’re living in an urban forest, a 306 acre oasis bounded by a lot of concrete.  Here birds and critters can find water, food and shelter.  The small streams, trees and vegetation provide permanent homes for year round residents and temporary respite for migrants.

This Google Earth map photographed in August of 2015 shows the lush green of our neighborhood from above.  The more we appreciate what it can do for us and for wildlife the more likely we are to protect it.

Since most of the land in  the neighborhood is divided over the 550 separate owners, keeping it green is a collective result of individuals.  Ironically, some of the best parts are those that might appear less manicured and more wooded.

Our trees are a special part of creating habitat; without them we would have no habitat and no wildlife.  Learn more about the urban trees we have here in Peachtree Park.

Preserving Our Habitat

Empty lot with request to remove trees

Empty lot with request to remove trees

Urban neighborhoods are under constant attack.  The land is valuable (location, location, location) and is becoming more so.  Now developers are looking for ‘dirt’, and a tear down is worth something north of $400,000.  So keeping what we have in good shape for us and for wildlife requires diligence and a lot of work.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Support the Peachtree Park Civic Association.  This  organization is made up of volunteers that are our neighbors.  They do more than you can imagine to protect our boundaries from commercial encroachment.
  • Protect our trees.  We love them and keeping them safe requires on-going stewardship. Learn more about how to protect our trees.
  • Invite wildlife by creating habitat in your own yard.  Yards connect and collectively the result is an urban forest with enormous benefits for wildlife and us!
  • Walk through the neighborhood and enjoy it.

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