Peachtree Park Nature Trail

About the Nature Trail

Burke Rd Entrance

Burke Rd Entrance

The Peachtree Park Nature Trail is a one-acre walking/nature trail between the end of Burke Road and the cul-de-sac on Darlington Commons Court.  The trail is managed by the Friends of Peachtree Park (FoPP) organization and is maintained by volunteers.

The nature trail is a wooded walking path which supports all manner of wildlife.   You’ll also find:

  • A community garden – grow your own vegetables! – built by FoPP
  • A working  beehive managed by Anne Marsden and Randall Roberts – neighbors
  • A Little Lending Library  for borrowing and lending books – built by a neighbor (please tell us who)
  • Bird houses, which are popular in the spring – built by Ryan Tuemler – neighbor
  • A Fit-Trail to help you stay in shape – built by FoPP

    Fit Trail Sign

    Fit Trail Station

A lot of work has been done to make this a welcoming spot, and there are some exciting projects taking shape now.  If you’d like to get involved, contact the President of FoPP, Peter Davis: (404) 264-9848.  And they are on Facebook.

Wildlife and Plants

If you are trying to identify wildlife, trees or plants, perhaps these pages will help::

Take a stroll on the Nature Trail.  Who knows who you’ll see there.

See our post Nesters on the Nature Trail for more pictures and videos.

Nature Trail Facelift

In 2010 significant effort was invested in the Nature Trail and Community Garden.  Now, in July of 2016, Friends of Peachtree Park is beginning the process of revitalizing many aspects of the trail, beginning with replacing the surface of the trail itself.  The original trail, while it served its purpose well, was beginning to show some wear and had issues with mulch being washed away during heavy rains.

As a result, for two weekends this month the surface has been upgraded in three significant ways:   1) the confining timbers on the sides of the trail which were creating a ‘flume’ for water runoff have been removed, 2) additional switchbacks with reverse grades have been created to slow the water and 3) a new slate chip surface has been put down.

The result is quite impressive.  You can see it in the following video, or better still, go walk the trail and see for yourself.

More improvements are on the way such as a a new design for the plant and wildlife areas and the addition of a small amount of land on the Burke Rd. end of the trail.

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