Bird Videos (part 1)

Brown-headed Nuthatch Excavating

This Brown-headed Nuthatch is excavating a nest in a Box Elder snag that we left standing in our back yard.

Brown-headed Nuthatches in a Birdhouse

And these two Brown-headed Nuthatches are making sure the nest inside this bird house meets their standards. Notice the amount of noise and activity (people, cars, leaf blower) they have adjusted to.

American Robin Chicks

Our good friends 3 house down were lucky enough to have an American Robin family build a nest in the pine tree just a few feet from their deck.

Darlington Triangle Bluebirds

A birdhouse was installed in a small traffic triangle at the end of our street. For several years Eastern Bluebirds have raised their young there.

Videos part 2
Videos part 3

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