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Monthly Journal – February, 2017

Spring has arrived early this year after a mild winter.  Migrants have been here in full force.  Red-winged Blackbirds and American Robins blanketed the neighborhood for days and Sandhill Cranes were seen high overhead.  All that planting you did last year to provide blooms for pollinators in late winter and early spring is now paying off.

Monthly Journal – February, 2016

The weather was mild again last month and there’s a lot of activity with growing, flying and crawling things.  We even heard a frog or two plop in the pond this weekend.  Below is a record of who we saw in February in the neighborhood including Sandhill Cranes migrating high over Buckhead.

The following birds were seen at Murphy Chandler park during a bird rescue operation, which we’ll tell you more about in out next post.  Notice the goose that’s different from the Canada Geese.  It’s the blue morph of a Snow Goose.  Thanks Bruce for identifying it for us.