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Will You Walk Into my Parlor?

Zipper Spider aka Garden Orb-weaver

Zipper Spider aka Garden Orb-weaver

… said the Spider to the Fly.  This opening line of Mary Howitt’s poem written in 1829 is one of the most quoted first lines in all of English verse.  The poem is really about using flattery to achieve your objective.  We think you should invite spiders to set up their parlor in your yard and garden.

Friends on the north end of the neighborhood called to tell us about three beautiful Garden Orb-weaver Spiders in their garden.  They were most pleased to have them, and for good reason.  Each one was busy trapping insects its beautiful Orb-weaver style web.  Thanks to the birds and spiders, the vegetables in this insecticide-free garden were beautiful, and almost completely free of pests.

Cocooned Prey

We realized how little we know about spiders and as a result pulled together a Spiders page.  It has descriptions and pictures for Georgia spiders along with information on the difference between a spider and an insect, spider webs and silk, and the benefits of spiders.  Check it out.