Glorious Rain

It rained here last night, and it was a most welcome relief.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says it’s the first rain in Atlanta in 42 days, which is the worst dry spell since 1884.  Right here in Peachtree Park our local rain gauge says we’ve had only 1 inch since September 26 – that’s 63 days.  The ground had turned into a brick.

We’ve been struggling to keep our landscape alive by dragging a hose around, and with a lot of time and effort, have been mostly successful.  The bird baths and pond have been very busy places as demonstrated by these Brown-headed Nuthatches.

However, the quality of rainwater is unsurpassed when it comes to watering plants and landscapes. [3]  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s free of chlorine, salt, and pollutants
  • It contains nitrogen
  • The natural temperature of rainwater doesn’t shock plants
  • Rain removes dust from leaves
  • It clears the air
  • Rain’s natural acidity is good in urban areas where there is a lot of concrete

But the best thing about rain, especially after a long drought, is that it’s good for your soul.

References and Additional Information

[1]  AJC – Rain expected – at last – in drought-stricken Georgia
[2]  NPR – Much Of The Southeast U.S. Is Grappling With Drought
[3]  Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Gardening with Rainwater

1 thought on “Glorious Rain

  1. Stephanie

    188-what?!?!? Good Lord, that’s a long time! Does that mean I don’t have to take full blame for all of the dead and dying plants in my sad yard?



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