Have You Swatted One Yet?


photo: JJ Harrison – Wikimedia

You know we’re talking about mosquitoes.  It’s approaching that time of year, and maybe you’ve even seen one or two.  But with a little rain and warmer temperatures they’ll be out in force soon.

As we walk through the neighborhood, we’ve been seeing signs for services that promise to “rid your lawn of mosquitoes,” “give your lawn back to you,” and “eliminate yard pests.”  Really?  How does that work?  Somebody’s going to rid your yard of mosquitoes and only mosquitoes?   Hmmmm…

So we thought we’d do a little homework on mosquitoes.  It’s an interesting, complex subject worthy of more than just a blog post.  So, we put together a Mosquitoes page with the things we found out.  Our objective was to gather some background information on how to safely avoid mosquitoes and enjoy your yard during the summer.

flyswatterWe uncovered some things that work as well as myths and urban legends.  The biggest surprise was the simple remedy of an oscillating fan to safely shoo mosquitoes away.

Hope it helps during this mosquito season.




1 thought on “Have You Swatted One Yet?

  1. bethfusaro@comcast.net

    Interesting post.. Seems there is no easy way to stop the invaders! I was surprised to hear about the bats & martins — thought they did better than those low percentages. Beth



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