Big Lawn? Big Yawn

I had breakfast with a  good friend yesterday who is renting a house as a transition to his next move.  He told me that they are in a neighborhood with an association that requires manicured laws, going so far as to tell home owners which of two types of grass are ‘acceptable’.  Really?

Fortunately we aren’t afflicted with Lawn Police in Peachtree Park, and most homes here have great support for wildlife.  We think they are beautiful and much more interesting than the football field look.  When the sun shines again, we’ll post some photos of our favorites.

Atlanta AudubonCoincidentally, Atlanta Audubon sent out their monthly newsletter today with a great article on their Sanctuary Certification Program.  Cindy Mayer, who heads up their team of trained volunteers, visited our yard as part of the certification process about two years ago.

We learned a lot and it was great fun!  Cindy was awesome. Participating in Audubon’s certification helped us identify things we could do to make our yard better for wildlife and more beautiful.

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