Slow, Turtles

Turtle Crossing

Reminder to slow down and watch for turtles crossing the street

Not Slow Turtles.  But slow down all you hares, there may be a turtle crossing the road.  Most likely in this area it’s an Eastern Box Turtle.

This is the season when they start to come out and explore and look for a mate.  They will move back and forth between areas in the neighborhood where there is water, and sometimes that means crossing the street.

We have this sign on a power pole across from us and another further down facing the other way.  People do notice, but when you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to forget.


Boxer the turtle in our pond

Meet Boxer (clever name huh?).  He shows up every year to hang out in our pond.  Turtles are territorial and every year we hear what sounds like knocking at the front door.  It’s Boxer challenging his competition, which is really just his reflection in the brass kick plate.

Did you know that box turtles can live for up to 40 years? Hatchlings are very secretive and you might not ever see one until they are two years old.

We’re pulling for Boxer to keep winning the race.

3 thoughts on “Slow, Turtles

  1. Beth

    Your backyard visitor is a hansome specimen.
    I hope The neighbors baby turtle made it to adulthood. He is so tiny– very observant neighbors.



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