The Big Tease

 Eastern Bluebird and Downy WoodpeckerEastern Bluebird and Yellow-rumped WarblerEastern BluebirdsHappens every year about this time. Snows one day and two days later it’s 70 degrees. Today was glorious and things continue to wake up. Budding, buzzing and if not foolin’ around, then certainly thinking about it. The bluebirds are out in abundance. (male and female Eastern Bluebird, male eastern Bluebird and Yellow-rumped Warbler and male Eastern Bluebird and Downy Woodpecker).

Plants are starting to come alive too.  There are buds on the native azaleas and the woods poppies are beginning to leaf out.

Native Azalea Native Azalea Woods PoppySome plants overwintered in the basement with grow lights.  The Limequat is having its leaves cleaned since in the artificial environment the plant, because of the presence of aphids, gets sooty mold.  Outside, aphids have natural predators. Ridding the plant of the sooty mold allows the leaves to do their job of photosynthesis and respiration and makes the plant much healthier.

Cleaning Limequat leaves

2 thoughts on “The Big Tease

  1. Beth

    Nice clear shots or the early spring buds. None yet appearing on the FL native azaleas.
    First time I have seen a yellow rumped warbler — cute little chubby fella.
    Who did the job on the feeder? Squirrels?



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