Pine Warbler

Setophaga pinus

Pine Warbler

male Pine Warbler

This bird is rarely seen away from pines.  Their nests are deep, open cups, which are placed near the end of a tree branch. Pine warblers prefer to nest in pine trees, hence their names. The Pine Warbler is with us year round and is one of the few warblers to stay in the Southeast. [1]

Pine Warblers are little yellow birds.  The male is brighter yellow than the female.  They have olive backs and two white wing bars, dark legs and thin, relatively long pointed bills; they have yellowish lines over their eyes. [1]

Pine Warbler - Setophaga pinus
Atlanta, GA - Peachtree Park - February, 2013

female Pine Warbler

They forage slowly on tree trunks and branches by poking their bill into pine cones. These birds also find food by searching for it on the ground. These birds mainly eat insects, seeds and berries. [1]   However, we have seen them frequent our bird feeders.

Different than most warblers, they will come to bird feeders for suet or for other soft foods. [7]

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