Pretty Wild

Wild Turkey in Peachtree Park

Wild Turkey that is.  Almost exactly this time last year someone from the north side of the neighborhood sent us an email report of a wild turkey in their back yard. We set up a camera, but never got a picture.

Wild Turkey

But today, a neighbor on the south side did get pictures of a wild turkey hen right in someone’s front yard.  She was seen early this morning.  We couldn’t find the bird ourselves, but we did talk to the neighbor who kindly sent us the pictures to share.

And ironically, as we were writing this post the following message came across on the Georgia Birders Online (GABO) list server:

“A friend just reported seeing a Wild Turkey near the corner of Lindbergh, Cheshire Bridge and LaVista Rds.  He said the bird was on the sidewalk in front of the old Varsity Jr. ( which is now a storage place) watching the cars go by.”

Every now and then something really cool like this reminds you that there’s more wildlife in small intown neighborhoods than you think.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Wild

  1. Beth Fusaro

    A mighty handsome turkey -looks in good shape, although Ben thinks he’s scavenging for food Because of loss of natural habitat. Are there woods nearby?




    1. beveritt Post author

      There are some wooded areas in the neighborhood and some are fairly dense. In addition to the quoted sighting we mention in the post, there was another reported sighting of a wild turkey on the other end of the neighborhood later in the day – possibly the same bird.

      The neighbor who gave us the photos followed up later with this note: “Friend of mine owns True Timber camouflage company and is an avid hunter.
      He said its breeding season and that’s why wild turkeys are on the move.”

      Also, GABO posted this link: Welcome to Boston’s Urban Turkey Armageddon



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